Perfume Price Anatomy

We very often get asked why our fine fragrances are so cheap despite the exact match with the real thing and longer lasting of our products than the real designer fragrance. Instead of answering this question directly we asked the question the other way around! why the designer fragrances are very expensive? And what are the merits behind these high prices?

This question has been already answered in an article that appeared in the French magazine Le Nouvel Observateur and published in and the

Behind the Spritz: What Really Goes Into a Bottle of $100 Perfume

In this article the author talked about How much does a fancy $100 bottle really cost to make? The breakdown of the costs according to the article is as follows,

Less than 2% of your money pays for what’s inside the bottle, the rest goes to buys cover stories.

Despite this and as with all things in life, there are people who are prepared to pay for the “Original”, but obviously the question we must ask the next time we stand at a perfume counter in one of the big departmental stores is “Do I really want to break my bank for a bottle of perfume of which only 2% is for the liquid inside?

We understand that a bottle of perfume is not just about one thing but rather a combination of sensory experiences starting with a beautiful and enduring fragrance and ending with the luxurious beauty of the bottle. It is for this reason that all our designer inspired perfumes are sold in a modern glass bottle with simple design that reflects the luxury of the perfume inside it while maintaining the simplicity of our concept.

This allows you, the consumer, an opportunity to buy a fine fragrance that will last longer than the designer fragrance, at an affordable price whilst still enjoying all the sensory benefits of owning a beautiful bottle of perfume. 

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