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Our Company was created around one simple idea; Buying your perfect perfume should not break your bank - We have always believed in this idea and shaped our business around it.

Some of the world’s most loved perfumes are so expensive and cannot be afforded by the majority, and the question remains why are we being charged a fortune to buy designers and niche branded perfumes?

Market researches indicates that the cost of the perfume liquid in most of the designer branded fragrances comprises less than 5 % of the cost of the perfume, the rest of the money goes for the high profit margins, overhead of the department stores, expensive perfume bottles , huge marketing campaigns, and many other expenses that has nothing to do with the quality of the perfume, but yet charged heavily on the customers.

Our Solution

In our quest provide high quality and affordable scents, we took a bold move and stripped away all the non-sense expenses and focused only on what’s inside the bottle to produce the highest quality perfumes for a fraction of the price.

We have provided a selection of our own perfume creations, and a range of recreated scents of some of the most popular designer and niche fragrances using our finest ingredients.

Our Collections

We understand that a signature scent should be characteristic and wearable in any situation. But with so many fragrances out there, finding the perfect perfume can be a challenge.

This is not the case anymore; our carefully selected collection contains some of the most popular and best selling designer inspired fragrances, which will make easy for you to choose your signature perfume. Our collections are updated on regular basis to ensure our customers access to the latest trends on the world of fragrances.

Since our launch in 2018, our brand had organically grown with minimal marketing efforts since our marketing strategy depends mainly on the high quality of our products and the affordability of our prices, which was proven to be enough to convert any random customer to a returning customer who spread the word about our products.

ScentShop.com.au Team. 

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